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Yang Liu, PH.D.

Yang Liu

Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, School of Chemical, Materials & Biomedical Engineering

Single Cell & Exosome Analysis
Dr. Liu’s research is centered around harnessing the capabilities of micro / nano-fluidic technologies to advance patient health outcomes. A pivotal aspect of his research program revolves around the development of microfluidic platforms with the purpose of revealing the intricate relationships between cellular phenotypes and molecular expressions at the single-cell level. This pursuit holds the potential to unveil novel insights into the fundamental mechanisms underlying cellular behavior and response.
Another significant focus within Dr. Liu’s laboratory is the integration of droplet microfluidics and protein electrophoresis techniques. This integration is geared towards the comprehensive analysis of proteoforms within individual exosomes. This intricate exploration offers the opportunity to unravel the complex landscape of protein variations and modifications, thereby contributing to a deeper understanding of disease pathways and potential therapeutic interventions.
Driven by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge, Dr. Liu’s research endeavors exemplify the cutting-edge applications of microfluidic technologies in unraveling the mysteries of cellular and molecular biology.

• Microfluidics
• Single cell / exosome analysis
• Micro / nano technology