For Researchers

The UGA Cancer Center is dedicated to taking a broad, multidisciplinary approach to fighting cancer.

“We want to do something that is impactful.”  says center director Eileen Kennedy. “For us, that means how can people survive? Strategies, treatments, understanding the mechanisms of cancer. What is going haywire in the cells, and how can we look at reprogramming that to regulate that cancer signaling?”

Eileen Kennedy, Georgia Athletic Association Professor in the College of Pharmacy and director of the University of Georgia Cancer Center since 2022, leads an interdisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to fighting cancer on three fronts: improved strategies for prevention, new technologies for early detection, and enhanced therapeutics to fight the disease once it’s detected.

Researchers wishing to get involved with the UGA Cancer Center should contact:

Eileen J. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Georgia Athletic Association Professor
Director, UGA Cancer Center
Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences