Welcome to the University of Georgia Cancer Center

Cancer is a complex disease, and we at The University of Georgia Cancer Center are fighting it on three different fronts on behalf of Georgians.

We aim to:

  • Develop new methodologies for tumor early detection
  • Find new targets both inside and on the cancer cell surface to develop novel therapeutic drugs
  • Improve prevention efforts and the quality of life of patients and survivors

Upcoming Events


Due to a generous gift from a UGA alumnus who is a survivor of metastatic melanoma, the UGA Cancer Center and Emory Winship Cancer Center held their 2nd Annual Cancer Research Summit in July 2023, at UGA’s College of Pharmacy, Athens.  The primary goal of the summit was to provide opportunities for the faculty and students from both Centers to share research interests and develop collaborations that will lead to funding that will impact cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.  With more than 110 attendees and 45 poster presentations, both Centers were represented well.

UGA Cancer CenterEmory Winship Cancer Center