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Eileen J. Kennedy

Eileen J. Kennedy

Director, UGA Cancer Center, Georgia Athletic Association Professor

Our laboratory is focused on translational research relating to allosteric regulation of kinases. The long-term goal of the lab is to develop constrained peptide scaffolds that can be used to probe or inhibit cell signaling events that are mediated by various proteins including kinases.  We have focused on the development of cell-permeable research tools that can be applied to perturb or disrupt protein-protein interactions (PPIs) that are involved in allosteric regulation or signaling within a cellular environment.  These chemically constrained peptides target key protein-protein interactions that either regulate kinase activity or function.  We have applied this strategy to disrupt PPIs that regulate various kinases including EGFR and LRRK2 and have also regulated PPIs that mediate microsignaling complexes within cells including AKAP complexes.