University of Georgia Cancer Center

Prevention and Outreach

A healthy lifestyle and timely cancer screenings play a critical role in preventing several types of cancer. But getting people to adopt lifestyle changes and undergo screenings can be notoriously difficult. Researchers at the UGA Cancer Center are conducting research that helps officials design more effective health education campaigns. They’re also working to better understand the emotional and social impacts of cancer in hopes of creating interventions that improve the quality of life of patients.

Su-I Hou

Health Promotion and Behavior, College of Public Health

Associate Professor & Director (TW-SA)

Su-I  Hou

Early detection of cancers can save lives, but many people still don’t get regular screenings. Hou is studying the psychosocial and cultural factors that influence screening behaviors and working to develop theory- and evidence-based interventions to encourage screening. She has focused on using community and worksite strategies to encourage cancer screenings, particularly among minorities.

John Vena

Epidemiology and Biostatistics, College of Public Health

Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Scholar

John  Vena

Vena is working to better understand the factors that influence the health of populations. He is currently studying occupational and environmental risk factors that impact cancers of the bladder, breast and lungs.